Pilot’s Algorithms

Pilot is designed with four main algorithms that work together to indicate buying and selling opportunities based on real time market sentiment artificial intelligence to help you make trading decisions confidently and reliably.

What makes Pilot unique is that it is based on the psychological forces that affect the
market. We believe that psychology is the dominant force in sending the market in whatever
direction it's taking at the moment. Pilot splices the market into four distinct psychological manifestations and identifies the outcomes when these phenomena come into play.

This framework, exhibited on our unique and simple user interface enables traders to
accurately anticipate the behavior of the market and capitalize, in prime time, on
opportunities as they unfold.

The Four Algorithms

Perception   Commitment  Equilibrium   Sentiment

For simplicity, each algorithm is represented by a light. The more lights that are lit, the stronger the trading opportunity. When red, the indication is a trading opportunity to sell (or overbought market). When blue, the indication is a trading opportunity to buy (or oversold market)


When using the app, you can see the four lights on every market you are watching. Here is snapshot of what it looks like on the trade screen and on the watchlist:




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