Practice trading using the demo mode risk-free, with Pilot Trading. This requires no obligation to connect to any real money brokers or exchange.  Our demo mode gets you started with $100,000 in paper money. Keep in mind that paper trading is synthetic or fake money and used only to practice or test your trading strategies.

Your watch list comes pre-populated with some of the highest volume and volatile instruments, and this works best with Pilot Trading.  Looking for the best opportunities to execute your trade is all about waiting for signals.

To increase the potential of receiving opportunities, you can add instruments to your watch list. Using the plus + sign, you can add any security or pair that you want to trade.  You will be sent notifications all the time. Each security has its own market hours so make sure you are placing trades when they are open.  

Remember that all our demo feature instruments are slightly delayed.  

  • 10 minutes delayed for futures
  • 15 minutes delayed for stocks
  • Real-time for Forex pairs and crypto

Our signals are matched to this delay and will provide an accurate representation of your trading experience with Pilot Trading.

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